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Generation Z prefer ‘real-world retail’ over online shopping

Generation Z consumers enjoy ‘real-world retail experiences’ that focus on technology rather than online shopping, a new study has found.

Commerce marketing technology company Criteo has released its Gen Z report, which analyses shopping perceptions and behaviours from thousands of members of Generation Z (Gen Z).

It’s latest report revealed that consumers which fall into this category are a mobile generation who expect retailers to deliver “cool and aesthetic” experiences.

Although Gen Z spends more time on their mobile devices than any other generation (11 hours per week), the study found that they value real-world retail over online shopping, with 80% of respondents looking forward to shopping in store when they have time.

Some 75% said that they preferred online shopping.

The study, which surveyed Gen Z members in UK, France, the US, Germany, Brazil and Japan, also showed they spend more in electronics, with an average spend of £135 online and £93 offline over a six-month period.

According to the report, over half of Gen Z feel that retail websites and apps are more influential than TV ads, online banner ads and social media when purchasing online, with 65% of respondents saying they like ads that provide value.

Jonathan Opdyke, chief strategy officer at Criteo, said: “Gen Z is at the forefront of the mobile commerce revolution, and represents a crucial opportunity for marketers as they develop lifelong brand loyalties.

“While specific shopping habits may vary, Gen Zers are native omnishoppers who like to visit stores but still prefer to take care of their shopping needs online. In order to deliver a personalised experience on all touchpoints, brands and retailers need to employ a data-driven approach to connect Gen Z customers with unique, on-trend products.”

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