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Dominic Chappell to sue Philip Green

Former British Home Stores (BHS) owner Dominic ­Chappell said he plans to sue retail magnate Philip Green and contest a proposed boardroom ban by the Insolvency Service, in order to repair his “tarnished ­reputation”.

On 28 March the Insolvency Service disqualified Chappel from running or controlling any company for up to 15 years. He said he had been singled out by the the firm because “somebody had to take the blame for British Home Stores”.

Chappell said: “I think that it’s outrageous that the Insolvency Service have not got the guts to go after Green. My reputation has been severely tarnished throughout this, and I intend to contest the Insolvency Service’s findings. Philip Green has got an army of class A lawyers that can just crawl right over this. I am an individual.”

Chappell was ordered to pay £87,170 in fines and court fees after he was found guilty of failing to provide pensions information to The Pensions Regulator (TPR). In January 2018, the one-time BHS owner was found guilty of failing to provide information about the company’s pension scheme after it went into administration in 2016.

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