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GMB slams Arcadia collapse scandal

The union revealed the taxpayer will have to help pay the sacked workers’ redundancy packages

GMB has criticised the “scandal” regarding the collapse of retail group Arcadia, revealing that the taxpayer will have to pay out the redundancy packages of sacked employees.

The union also took aim at administrators Deloitte for “making millions” for their services during the sale of Phillip Green’s former retail empire.

Peter Davies, GMB’s senior organiser, said: “Obviously this is an absolute tragedy. This site was a thriving distribution centre still rammed with stock. The administrators have raked in millions overseeing selling off the company names.

“But not one jot of effort has been made on the workers’ behalf who will have to carry on up to the closure date, clearing that stock and won’t get a penny out of.”

He added: “Workers will have to apply for redundancy through the statutory process and the taxpayer will cough up whilst that greedy multi-millionaire Philip Green sales off on his yacht.

“It’s absolutely scandalous and time we had much tougher laws in the UK to protect workers who always have to pay the price for these boardroom disasters.”

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