Serious Fraud Office seeks retrial of former Tesco employees

The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has written to Southwark Crown Court seeking a retrial of former Tesco bosses Carl Rogberg, Christopher Bush and John Scouler, over an alleged £326m fraud scandal.

The three former senior management figures in the Tesco UK business all face charges of abuse of position and false accounting. The alleged activity occurred between February and September 2014.

Judge Deborah Taylor originally dismissed the jury in the trial on 5 February 2018, due to Rogberg suffering from a heart attack and being taken to hospital prior to the hearing.

During the trial she said: “The position is this: very unfortunately and sadly Rogberg has suffered from a heart attack and is currently in hospital awaiting surgery. In the circumstances it would not be right or proper to continue with this trial and therefore I am discharging you from further dealing with this case.”

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