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Marks and Spencer publishes gender pay gap figures

Marks and Spencer is the latest retailer to publish its gender pay gap figures, with a claim that its gaps were lower than both the UK and retail average.

For the year of 2017, the company reported a mean pay gap of 12.3% between its male and female staff, while the median figure was 3.3%.

This is lower than the UK mean of 17.4% and the national average for retail of 16.4%.

However, more female employees received bonuses compared to their male counterparts, with 75.7% of women getting a wage boost compared to 66.3% of men.

The fashion retailer reported a median bonus gap of 15.9% and mean gap of 53.4%.

The retailer promised to address female representation in senior roles and ensure that flexible roles are as accessible to its male staff as it is to female employees.

Marks and Spencer’s head of talent, Simmone Haywood, said: “While it’s positive that our gender pay gap is lower than the UK average, the issues at play are complicated, and we believe it’s much more important to focus on taking meaningful action to drive equality and inclusivity rather than simply the numbers themselves.”

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