Lidl creates 700 new UK jobs

Discount supermarket Lidl has opened its 700th UK store, following the opening of five new stores in a single day.

Lidl’s new stores opened in Edinburgh, Stockton, Hull, Polegate in East Sussex and Rosehill, in south London.

As a result of 19 new shop openings in the first two months of 2018, the discounter has created over 700 new jobs.

The supermarket plans to open 50 more stores, increasing its market share to compete with its competitors, such as Aldi.

Ingo Fischer, Lidl UK board director for expansion and development said: “As the UK’s fastest growing supermarket, surpassing 700 stores is yet further proof of our ambitious rate of expansion across Britain.

“It’s great that more people than ever before have access to our high quality, fresh and locally sourced products at incredible value, and that as a result, we’re able to create more jobs for local communities up and down the country.”

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