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Half of UK retail businesses losing customers due to poor delivery experience

Some 57% of retail companies also committed to investing in more sustainable delivery options

Half of retail businesses in the UK are losing customers due to a poor delivery experience according to data from sustainable delivery company, Zedify.

The data, based on 250 respondents from retailers with a minimum revenue of £10.5m in the UK, also reveals that 45% are finding it hard to meet delivery times, 44% are struggling with customer communication, while 39 percent are finding increased shipping costs a real problem.

Despite these challenges, the research also shows a renewed commitment to sustainability efforts. 57% of UK retail companies are committed to investing in more sustainable delivery options, 32 percent want to work with eco-friendly carriers, 30% are looking for more eco-friendly packaging, and 25 percent plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Rob King, CEO and co- founder of Zedify, comments: “The last mile is rife with inefficiency, high costs and environmentally unsound solutions and our research demonstrates just how much retailers are struggling with it, so much so they are losing customers as a result. This shows just how pivotal the delivery experience is for retailers when it comes to customer loyalty.


“But it’s also encouraging to see how many are looking to engage in more sustainable business practices with a focus on delivery. By investing in super low-carbon delivery options such as cargo bikes over vans, electric or otherwise, not only can retailers make massive carbon savings per delivery, they can ensure more accurate delivery times and a more pleasant doorstep experience, thereby improving the customer experience as a whole.”

The research also shows:

  • 72% of retail businesses have sustainability targets in place for deliveries, while 46 percent plan to use cargo bike delivery
  • 57% worry they will be accused of greenwashing if they promote their green deliveriesKing concludes: “Being sustainable is not just good for the planet, it is good for customer retention and happiness, which translates to growth.”

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