How intelligence-led solutions can become preventative shoplifting measures for retailers

Recently, a new £600k initiative funded by some of the UK major retailers will allow police to run CCTV footage of suspected shoplifters through the National Database, in an effort to deter further criminal activity. Gary Higgins, from intelligence-led security solutions provider DeterTech, told us how Project Pegasus, in conjunction with other preventative solutions for retailers, will curb the recent spike in theft

Do you think the UK is facing a shoplifting epidemic at the moment?

There’s plenty of evidence on the basis of the British Retail Consortium of a rise in criminality and violence towards shop workers. We’ve seen plenty of images of shoplifting episodes on various media channels and a lot of that is also reflected by some of DeterTech’s customers in the retail sector who are looking for solutions to help deter that type of criminality.

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