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Hearing Direct launches holistic audiology service

It is part of a major rebrand for Hampshire-based Hearing Direct.

Hearing Direct, an online authority in hearing solutions and support, has launched a new service, HDcare, in response to a surge in demand for digital audiology services.

HDcare is a comprehensive service that combines “digital tools and services with real audiology expertise to give complete care to people with hearing loss, from the comfort of their homes”.

Its available to all Hearing Direct customers free of charge, HDcare includes advice on how to choose the right hearing aids, how to care for hearing devices, remote programming for fine tuning, access to a dedicated, fully trained audiologist, repairs and servicing for products under warranty, video and telephone assessments and diagnostics for the entirety of its customers’ hearing journey.

It is part of a major rebrand for Hampshire-based Hearing Direct, which includes a website refresh for its UK, US and European customers, a new logo, strapline and uplifted ecommerce platform that puts the customer at its core, all underpinned by HDcare. 

Bev Carter, senior hearing aid audiologist at Hearing Direct, said: “In light of the change in buying habits that was driven by the pandemic and a surge in demand for a digital solution, we have developed HDcare and our rebrand using feedback from hundreds of real customers.

“We know that it is incredibly difficult to get personalised hearing care and support on the NHS because it is facing extreme pressure, so HDcare aims to relieve some of that burden by enabling quicker and more direct access to hearing experts. Plus, due to the rising cost of living, high street and private alternatives are becoming prohibitively costly for many people.”

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