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Fastest growing funsport from the US comes to UK

Summer trend 2022: game-changer CROSSNET re-invents volleyball and footvolley

Think volleyball and then think again: with four squares. CROSSNET was created by three young American entrepreneurs and is literally game-changing as the World’s first four square volleyball game. The Miami-based brand is recognised as one of the fastest-growing fun sports brands and is sold in over 1,500 locations throughout the United States. Recently the brand also launched a CROSSNET Soccer edition.
Starting this week, the brand is coming to retailers, like SkateHut, in the UK with both the volleyball and soccer editions being available through Brookline, the official distributor of CROSSNET in Europe.

Chris Maede, CROSSNET co-founder and listed in the Forbes 30-under-30, did not like volleyball when growing up as he found it “too complicated for a newbie”. So in 2017 the young entrepreneur teamed up with his brother and childhood friend and changed the game to make it accessible and fun for everybody. Now, thanks to its simple rules and competitive aspects, CROSSNET can be played by top athletes as part of their training routines or just for fun with families and friends. We look forward to bringing all the fun CROSSNET has to offer to Europe.

Volleyball and Soccer

CROSSNET Volleyball was launched as a new volleyball game and its growth in the US is impressive. In just four years, the brand has grown exponentially and now boasts sales with hundreds of thousands of sets per year. Now that the brand is expanding throughout Europe, it is also introducing CROSSNET Soccer, a four-square foot soccer edition based on the same simple rules. In Europe, where soccer is by far the biggest sport, it is expected to be a particularly popular variant of the game.

Versatile, fast and fun

CROSSNET Volleyball and CROSSNET Soccer can be played anywhere, are set up in seconds and are easy to transport thanks to the matching backpack that comes with the sets. A set consists a volleyball net, a backpack, four tubular steel uprights, four tension cords, twelve ground anchors, two quadrant lines and one boundary line.

Funsports – the new retail category

Thanks to their social, sporty and versatile characteristics, funsports are proving to be a big hit in the United States and Europe. Last year alone, a changing social climate meant Brookline’s European sales grew by 700%. The distributor’s bestsellers, Spikeball and KanJam, have a growing fanbase right across the continent. Funsports are a blend of sports and games which meet the recent need for consumers to get active whenever and wherever they want. Funsports also increase opportunities for people to socialise in person rather than on their screens. Furthermore, these games can be played anywhere and although challenging and competitive, they are still suitable for young and old. Brookline, the home of funsports in Europe, wants everyone to be able to have fun, stay fit and get active.

CROSSNET will be sold in the UK at SkateHut RRP 149,95 GBP.

Retailers can find out more by visiting CROSSNET – Brookline or crossnetgame.com.

The basics of how to play CROSSNET

Gather at least three of your friends and number the quadrants one to four. The game requires at least four players, i.e. one player per quadrant. You can add players too. Just have them queue up outside quadrant one so they can step in whenever someone is eliminated. The rules are simple. One hit per person, three if you’re playing in teams. Don’t let the ball land in your quadrant, or you’re out. The goal is to “take out” your opponents by playing the ball so it lands in their square. The winner is the first player to reach eleven points with a two-point lead.

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