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Hugo Boss to launch premium resale platform

The service will initially feature clothing, with accessories planned to be added in the future

Hugo Boss is set to launch its premium resale platform in the third quarter of 2022 where customers can buy pre-owned items. It will first be launched in France, with the platform planned to expand to Germany, the UK, and the US in 2025.

The platform, ‘Hugo Boss Pre-Loved’ will offer a curated assortment of clothing that has been traded in by existing customers, and the initiative forms part of the company’s sustainability efforts as part of its CLAIM 5 strategy.

Customers will be able to return used items to Hugo Boss in exchange for credit that can be spent online, on new or pre-owned items, or in store. Once fully quality checked, the pre-owned products will become part of a second-hand assortment for sale on Hugo Boss Pre-Loved, ready to begin a second life in a new wardrobe. 

The service will initially feature clothing, with accessories planned to be added in the future.

Hugo Boss said resale already represents a market volume of $30-40bn worldwide, and that buying second-hand saves an average of 44% of CO2 emissions when compared to buying new.

Heiko Schäfer, chief operating officer of Hugo Boss, said: “The high quality of our products allows them to have several lives, and our entry into the growing resale market is a natural step for us as a company.

“Hugo Boss Pre-Loved will support our move towards a circular business model, while our repair service will allow customers to wear their favourite pieces for even longer and reduce consumption of scarce resources.” 

The company has made a commitment to limit its resource consumption wherever possible, and the goal of an end-to-end circular business model is “firmly within its sights”.

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