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CyberJammies wakes up to dream solution from Brightpearl

On behalf of Brightpearl

Key facts

  • TREBLED revenue
  • Live in JUST 120 days
  • 5-star customer service 
  • Britain’s fastest growing fashion brand, and 11th overall fastest growing online retailer according to Brightpearl’s Lightning 50

“Absolutely everything has improved significantly since we signed up with Brightpearl” – Mark Tweed, brand director, CyberJammies

2020 was the year when dressing to impress became a thing of the past – and nightwear became workwear.

It wasn’t just good news for employees who prefer to work in their comfies – it was good news for online nightwear brand, CyberJammies. 

The omnichannel business – which primarily reaches customers directly via its successful webstore but also via leading retailers including John Lewis, Next and Very – went from impressive 50% year-on-year growth to trebling its revenue in the months after the pandemic took hold. 

The rapid growth has seen CyberJammies being recently crowned as the fastest growing fashion brand in Britain, and the 11th overall fastest growing online retailer according to Brightpearl’s Lightning 50 – a definitive list of the 50 fastest growing e-commerce brands over the past 12 months. 

Entries are now open for the 2022 version of the Lightning 50. Businesses can enter for the chance to be included in the final list here: Lightning 50 – Brightpearl. Entries close on Friday 12th August 2022.

The team at Cyberjammies has put its own incredible growth down to a number of factors, including the popularity of nightwear and loungewear in conjunction with working from home.

For lots of businesses, the sudden uptick in orders would have been too much to handle. But luckily for CyberJammies, they already had Brightpearl’s scalable, built-for-retail operations platform in place. 

The team believe Brightpearl and the associated connectors to CyberJammies’ websites and its 3rd party warehouse system has enabled them to grow seamlessly and rapidly – whilst being able to maintain control and service levels.

A dreamy solution 

“I’m not quite sure how we would have managed over the last 18 months or so if we didn’t have Brightpearl,” said Brand Director, Mark Tweed, who recently appeared on the final of The Apprentice as an expert adviser to Lord Alan Sugar.  

“When we saw the Brightpearl demo more than four years ago, we immediately saw how easy the platform could make it to manage our business. Since then, we’ve grown very rapidly and Brightpearl has delivered at every level.”

With ‘out of the box’ integrations to Shopify Plus, ShipStation and many other tech platforms and a game-changing range of purpose-built features (including demand forecasting, warehouse management and order fulfilment), it’s no surprise that Brightpearl is one of the world’s top retail operating solution providers. 

“When it comes to integrations we get a great deal of support from Brightpearl’s team”, said Brand Director, Mark Tweed. 

“The Plug ‘n Play element means setting up a new integration is easy – there are no headaches at all. Brightpearl’s open API is brilliant, and means we are able to go to market much faster.”

But, at Brightpearl, it’s not all about the tech. The platform stands out from the crowd because it’s backed up by first-rate customer service. This includes rapid deployment; unlike many legacy ERPs which can take a year or more to be up and running, Brightpearl goes live for the average customer in 120 days or less. 

The lightning speed implementation of the Brightpearl platform doesn’t mean a compromise on its chance of success, either. While implementation success rates with ‘Classic ERPs’ often barely top 25%, Brightpearl boasts a whopping implementation success rate of 97%.

“The level of service we’ve received from Brightpearl has been phenomenal,” added Mark. 

“As a brand, Brightpearl has a can-do attitude and you get to deal with a real person who knows their stuff. Knowing you can pick up the phone and get help whenever you need it really makes a difference when you’re running a fast-growing business.”

Putting operational nightmares to bed

With busy teams based both in India and the UK, it was essential that everyone at CyberJammies could get on board with the platform quickly – fortunately, Brightpearl provides complete training.

“The platform is very intuitive and easy to use. I’m in it all day, every day, and I know it like the back of my hand – but it’s also become second nature to everyone on the team,” said Mark.

“It’s made our business so much easier to manage and transparency is greater than ever. Before Brightpearl, we had spreadsheets right, left and centre – and no visibility or control over the orders coming in from various channels. 

“Now, we have one central ‘source of truth’ that pulls everything together – anyone can see any order from any channel and we can run reports on everything from inventory to shipping in a couple of clicks. We can see what’s going on and find solutions faster than we ever could before. It’s helped make our order processing so much more sophisticated – and quicker – than it was before.

“I also love how flexible the platform is. When Brexit kicked in, it was a bit of a nightmare for every business – but, using Brightpearl, we were able to quickly adapt and minimise the impact.”

For many fast-growing brands like CyberJammies, the jewel in Brightpearl’s crown is its advanced Automation Engine. It automates repetitive manual tasks – saving hours every week and freeing up key players to stop firefighting day-to-day issues and start focusing on long-term growth. 

Resting easy, thanks to automation

Brightpearl’s cutting edge automation engine typically reduces labor costs by 50%. At CyberJammies, it’s had even more of an impact. 

“Despite trebling our business, I’ve only had to hire one additional person – and that’s because Brightpearl does such a great job,” Mark added.

“Brightpearl undoubtedly adds value for us. In fact, from a business perspective, it’s almost immeasurable how much of an improvement it’s made in how we operate.” 

“Brightpearl sits at the heart of our tech stack and makes everything run like clockwork.” – Mark Tweed, brand director, CyberJammies

As the future calls, there isn’t a duvet day in sight for the CyberJammies team – with plans in place for international expansion and a bigger-than-ever DTC market share. 

Mark said: “Just the thought of not having Brightpearl gives me nightmares. Whatever happens in the future, Brightpearl will continue to be the engine that keeps us moving in the right direction.”

A final note on the Lightning 50 recognition:  “From our point of view it’s amazing to be recognised by the Lightning 50. We’ve added it to our email signatures – that’s how important it is to us,” said Mark Tweed, 

Apply today and YOU too could be showcased among the most exceptional retailers in e-commerce. Put your business in the spotlight and be recognised for your brand’s success over the past year!

Entries are now open for the 2022 edition of the Lightning 50 and you can apply free here. 

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