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Adidas set to hire 2,800 new employees in 2022

More than 900 people will be deployed in the Adidas retail stores.

Adidas has announced plans to hire 2,800 new employees this year at 307 of its locations in 47 countries.

The majority of the new employees, more than 900 people, will be deployed in the Adidas retail stores. 

Adidas is also filling more than 500 positions in the areas of digital, IT, and data and analytics. It is also continuing to hire in the area of sustainability, having already doubled the number of jobs in this area last year. 

Further positions will reportedly be advertised in the course of the year, including backfilling vacancies and also building up jobs.

In addition, the company is awarding more than 50 positions for apprenticeships or dual studies in Germany starting this fall.

Amanda Rajkumar, Adidas executive board member, responsible for Human Resources, People and Culture, said: “We want to set standards as an employer. Adidas is an employer like no other, and we go above and beyond every day to create an attractive working environment for our employees.”

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