Aldi partners with Mensa to advise shoppers

The partnership forms part of the supermarket’s new ‘School of Aldinomics’ campaign, which is supported by TV money expert, Emmanuel Asuquo

Aldi has announced a partnership with Mensa to create the Mensa Savvy Shopping Test, aimed at helping Britain’s shoppers with budgeting and navigating supermarket deals.

In its first ever partnership with a supermarket, the world’s largest and oldest IQ society has helped create a set of 10 questions that will help Brits understand more about how to save money by becoming more aware of their spending habits.

It forms part of the supermarket’s new “School of Aldinomics” campaign, which is supported by TV money expert, Emmanuel Asuquo.

The initiative by Aldi was prompted by research that showed when it comes to grocery shopping and budgeting, 45% go to the same supermarket we have always visited out of habit, with only 24% of Brits researching which is the cheapest, and even fewer (16%) using their phones to compare prices whilst in the supermarket.

Asuquo said: “With just over a quarter of people being deemed ‘financially savvy’ by the Mensa test, it’s clear that there’s work to be done and that’s why I’m working with Aldi to create the School of Aldinomics, to show how simple decisions can make a big difference to everybody’s budget.

“Whether it’s budgeting advice or simple swaps, I will help the UK apply the Aldinomics way to their everyday personal finances and as a result, save up to £600 a year.”

He added: “Whilst many Brits are willing to put the time and effort into making savings on ‘big ticket’ purchases, they don’t apply the same logic to their day-to-day shopping, and this is where they’re wasting money.

“By following my tips and becoming more like Aldi in their day-to-day thinking and spending, everyone can save. That’s Aldinomics.”

Cath Hill, chief executive office, Mensa, said: “We usually devise puzzles to test the logic and speed of thought of people in the UK, so it was both interesting and challenging for us to create a test that could gauge the shopping savviness of the nation. Life is about learning and improving so we hope that this test and the School of Aldinomics will enable the UK to upskill itself and become more Aldinomical.”

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