Aldi launches first checkout-free store

Through the Aldi Shop&Go app, customers can pick up items and then walk out without scanning products or having to go through a checkout.

Aldi has launched its first checkout-free concept store, Aldi Shop&Go, in London this morning for public testing.

After having been tested by Aldi colleagues in recent months, the trial store in Greenwich allows customers to complete their shop without scanning products, or having to go through a checkout.

Through the Aldi Shop&Go app, customers can enter the store, pick up items, and then walk out when they have completed their shop. 

According to the company, once a customer leaves the store they will then be automatically charged for their shopping via their selected payment method and a receipt will appear in the app. 

The system, provided by technology provider AiFi, uses specially positioned cameras to detect which products customers have picked up, before charging them on the app when they leave the store. 

Customers wishing to purchase alcohol, or other Challenge 25 products, will be able to use facial age estimation technology to authorise their purchase. Provided by Yoti, this technology enables customers to confirm their identity via the app, otherwise they will be age verified by a store colleague.

Giles Hurley, CEO of Aldi UK and Ireland, said: “Today is the culmination of months of work, not least from the team here in Greenwich and I’m looking forward to seeing how customers react to our trial.

“This store utilises the very latest in retail technology offering Aldi’s award-winning products and unbeatable prices to customers in a new and innovative way. The team is really excited about seeing customers come in and experience Aldi Shop&Go.” 

Lewis Esparon, store manager, added: “I cannot wait to show customers our new Aldi Shop&Go store. We have been working towards this day for several months now so it will be great to see how our customers react to the new technology. 

“For us, steps like this are always about improving the customer experience and the whole team are looking forward to being on-hand and ready to help to ensure that experience is as smooth as ever.”

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