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Online demand helps drive Fragrance Shop Xmas sales up 38%

The Fragrance Shop opened 16 new stores in the year, taking its total footprint to 214 store locations nationwide

The Fragrance Shop has revealed it enjoyed a “bumper Christmas period” driven by its online performance helping sales surge 38% in the six weeks to 1 January 2022, compared with the same period in 2019.

It said the “record sales performance” comes after some “key” fragrance launches which proved popular with customers, including Dior’s Miss Dior, Gucci Flora and Paco Rabanne Phantom.

The Fragrance Shop added investment in its digital platform over the past two years is “paying off” after it helped the company transform itself into a “phygital” retailer, with a high-growth digital business complementing its physical high street network.

In addition, The Fragrance Shop opened 16 new stores in the year, taking its total footprint to 214 store locations nationwide.

CEO Sanjay Vadera said he is “looking forward” to further expansion for the firm.

He said: “Stores will always play a big role, offering expertise and a sensory experience that’s complementary to our online offer. But there’s no doubt our performance is powered by the investments we’ve made in digital as our customers choose how and when they shop with us on their terms.

“That’s why we’ve been bringing the in-store experience online. In addition to our e-commerce website that allows customers to virtually ‘match’ with their favourite scent and speak to one of our fragrance experts in real time, we’re also connecting with our customers in new and exciting ways.”

He added: “Last year we launched our My TFS membership programme, where subscribers receive benefits such as free delivery and exclusive discounts, and we’re delighted with progress. And our third quarter was a huge milestone for us – as well as being one of the first fragrance brands to partner with TikTok for live-selling, we launched TFS Live, our exclusive live shopping channel, which goes from strength to strength.

“Across the 18 shows we’ve done since September 2021, we’ve featured special guests from brand experts to influencers and celebrities – with much more in the pipeline for 2022. This year will be a pivotal year for The Fragrance Shop – we’re looking forward to new product launches, hosting new events, more TFS Live shows, and moving into our brand-new, bespoke headquarters and fulfilment centre.”

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