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Fraser Group exec buys shares ‘in error’ during closed period

Fraser Group non-executive director David Daly “accidentally” purchased shares on Monday (17 August) during a closed period.

In an announcement made on the London Stock Exchange, Frasers Group said it was informed that Daly had purchased 3,912 ordinary shares in the company.

It added that the company has “robust procedures” in place before PDMRs can trade in shares, which were “accidentally” not followed in this instance.

Fraser Group said the issue was rectified as soon as it came to the company’s attention, and the shares were sold within 15 minutes of their purchase. A small profit was made on the sale which Daly has donated to charity.

Fraser Group said: “The company will ensure that PDMRs are reminded of their obligations and the internal procedures relating to dealing in the company’s shares.”

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