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Government launches £6.1m fund to help high streets through pandemic

Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) are set to receive a £6.1m funding boost to help high streets and town centres through the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to high streets minister Simon Clarke, hundreds of local business partnerships across England will share the fund to spend on projects that will help their local economies “through the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic”.

BIDs are local business partnerships that bring developers and communities together to provide local leadership, drive regeneration and deliver projects and additional local services.

Clarke said many BIDs are now playing a “crucial role during these challenging economic times”, offering hands-on support to those businesses affected.

These include advice services, increased security to protect businesses that have closed, and providing key intelligence to local and central government on the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on their local economies.

Clarke said: “The government has announced a comprehensive programme of support for businesses to help them deal with the economic impact caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and today we are extending that support to Business Improvement Districts.

“BIDs are uniquely placed and have a proven track record of success in supporting local businesses, empowering communities, championing our town centres and driving forward the renewal of our high streets.”

He added: “It’s only right that during these unprecedented times we give them all the necessary support they need to continue operating, so that they can carry on their vital work now and crucially when we move into the recovery phase from the current crisis.”

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