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Games Workshop to restart online sales amid Covid-19 lockdown

Games Workshop has revealed plans to restart online orders and trade sales in Europe and North America this week, amid the wordwide Covid-19 lockdown.

The majority of its stores continue to remain closed. However, a small number have re-opened in China, the Netherlands and Scandinavia in line with local guidance and subject to their local social distancing measures.

Games Workshop said stores will continue to re-open across the world as local restrictions are lifted and all required health and safety measures are met.

The retailer originally announced the temporary closure of all of its operations globally on 24 March 2020, following the UK and other governments’ introduction of social restrictions in relation to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Additionally, trading for the group in the nine months to the end of February remained “in line with expectations”.

However, since the outbreak of Covid-19 and the subsequent closure of its operations globally, Games Workshop said its performance has been “impacted” and now estimates its profit before tax for the year ended 31 May 2020 to be no less than £70m.

A statement by the retailer read: “We have also agreed in principle with our bank, Santander, to secure an overdraft facility of £25m for a six month period with a potential six month extension, if required. This will be drawn, as needed, to meet operational cash flow requirements.”

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