Rethinking Retail: How to put customers at the heart of your strategy

How can you accelerate your in-store sales? In HappyOrNot’s upcoming webinar, discover the science behind purchasing behaviours, the ways you can increase your conversions by focusing on customer experience, and as a bonus, San Francisco 49ers will share how they have achieved a 98.99% customer loyalty.

Key Details:

When: March 24th – 15:00 GMT
Umesh Johari – COO & Co-Founder at San Francisco 49ers
Martin Lucas – CEO at Gap in the Matrix
Sandra Thompson – Consultant, Trainer and Coach at Exceed all Expectations

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Key Takeaways:
Addressing the e-commerce era
How to differentiate your stores from the competition
The psychology of customer interaction
How to grab the opportunity to offer positive emotions over a bad experience
The omnichannel approach
Understanding how your customers make purchasing decisions

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