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Marie Kondo launches controversial online store

Tidying guru Marie Kondo launched a new online store this week, with the move sparking mass confusion online due to its ironic offering.

Kondo, who rose to popularity through her Netflix show ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’, said she was “thrilled” to introduce the shop, and noted that the new e-commerce platform is a collection of her “favorite things and items that spark joy [for her]”.

The shop features an assortment of brands which Kondo describes as having a “simple, elegant designs”, across categories including kitchenware, decor, entertainment and bathroom paraphernalia.

However, the prices for these items range from a fairly modest $12 for a ‘Shiatsu Stick’, to an eye-watering $206 for ‘Leather Room Shoes’. Other notable objects include a kitchen ladle for $96, a large cheese knife for $180 and $200 for a tea container.

The move has left a lot of people confused, with many heading to social media to express their frustrations with the launch.

One Twitter user tweeted: “Marie Kondo, who told you to throw away everything you own, apparently wants you to repopulate your now empty life with vaguely minimalist-looking junk that you, of course, buy from her.”

Another said: “The entire economic model – which depends on the endless growth in consumption – relies on buying things you don’t need, throwing them away, then replacing them with more things you don’t need. #MarieKondo is merely following its inexorable logic.”

It comes after e-commerce website Rakuten announced a partnership with Kondo in September, with the intention to “further popularise” her philosophy and brand, after appointing her as its first ever ‘Joy Ambassador’ the month prior.

Commenting on the launch of the store, Kondo said: “I hope these items spark joy for you – and for your loved ones. They make beautiful gifts for anyone seeking to establish new routines, elevate their everyday tasks or create a joyful home.

“Just remember to complete your tidying and to use that experience to purchase mindfully. My intention is that you will cherish these items and use them for years to come.”

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