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Ideal Shopping Direct wins ITV contract

Multi-channel retailer Ideal Shopping Direct has secured a deal to air its two flagship home shopping channel brands on ITV’s late night broadcasts.

Ideal World and Create and Craft will make the move to the UK’s largest commercial channel, boosting viewing figures by five million people.

The deal follows a multi-million pound investment in high definition cameras, production equipment, studio renovations and a strategic marketing drive – including new brand identities for Ideal World – to attract major product names with cult followings.

CEO of Ideal Shopping Direct, Jamie Martin, said: “Thanks to our investments and developments in recent months, Ideal World and Create and Craft will be the first TV shopping channels in the UK to broadcast in true high definition. We are proud to be pioneers of the relationship between live streaming and traditional TV and we are delighted to have signed this major deal with ITV.

“Our brand identity was outdated, almost Jurassic in terms of style, so we have invested significantly to bring it bang up-to-date to reflect our core mission and values. We are confident that our recent investments will continue to maximise our brand building power and reach new audiences.”

In addition to airing on Sky, Freeview, Freesat and Virgin channels, the Ideal World shopping channel will run seven days a week from midnight, while Create and Craft, a channel dedicated to those who want to stock up on the latest crafting products and materials, will go live on Thursday evenings.

Martin added: “About 25% of the UK’s population tune in to late night TV on ITV every year. This major deal for Ideal Shopping Direct allows our partner brands such as Sony and Tefal broadcast their products to huge audiences every single day, seven days a week.

“The late night audience is unique in that shift-workers, new parents and people both young and old are all searching for engagement, interaction and companionship that only home shopping, delivered by friendly presenters, can provide.”

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