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Games Workshop revenues exceed £250m in full year results

Fantasy miniatures retailer Games Workshop has reported a 16% increase in revenues to £256.5m for the year ending 2 June 2019.

Games Workshop revealed operating profit also increased by £6.8m to £81.1m, and retail sales grew by 7% in the year (7% at constant currency), aided by additional growth from 28 net new stores and its visitor centre, delivering 9% growth.

Additionally, online sales grew by 5% during the period, and Games Workshop said it is “committed” to continuous investment in its online shopping experience and it is a “key” area of operational focus in the year ahead.

The retailer also opened 40 new stores in the year including eight relocated stores. These new stores generated £3m of profitable sales, and its main focus for store openings in the year ahead will be in North America and Germany.

Kevin Rountree, CEO of Games Workshop, said: “An amazing set of results -the best year in Games Workshop’s history, so far. You can once again see from these results that our business and theWarhammer Hobby are in good shape.The board and I continue to believe that the prospects for the business are good.”

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