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Games Workshop announces bonuses of £5m as profits hit at least £80m

Games Workshop has announced its staff are to receive bonuses totaling £5m, as it expects full-year profit before tax to be no less than £80m.

The manufacturer and retailer of fantasy miniatures said it has seen sales growth across all sales channels. It expects group sales for the year to 2 June 2019 to be approximately £254m, up 15% from £219.9m in the previous year.

Games Workshop announced in light of its performance and in “recognition of our staff’s contribution to these results”, it has paid profit share bonuses amounting in total to £5m on an equal basis to each member of its 1900 staff.

A dividend of 35p per share has also been paid to shareholders on 31 May 2019, bringing the total paid in the financial year up to £1.55 per share compared with £1.26 per share in 2018.

Games Workshop will reveal its full-year results on 30 July 2019.

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