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‘Huge’ spike in retail job vacancies, says CV-library

The amount of jobs on offer in the retail sector jumped by 56.9% in May.

That’s according to the latest job market data from job board CV-Library, which compared findings from May 2019, with the same period last year.

According to the firm, “major” retail players such as M&S and Debenhams are currently fighting against impending store closures, but employers are “determined to maintain their hiring efforts”.

Pay for new jobs in retail also jumped up by 1.5%, making the average salary for retail employees in the UK £27,197.

Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-library, said: “It’s clear from our findings that retail organisations across the UK are continuing to push forward with their hiring efforts, in a bid to find the right people for their roles.

“Indeed, the economy and job market are continuing to strengthen across the country, though we cannot ignore the fact that retail conditions are tough right now. However, wages have been rising faster than prices, so hopefully consumer spending will regain strength.”

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