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L Brands appoints new Victoria’s Secret leadership

L Brands has announced a series of new appointments to the leadership of its lingerie retailer, Victoria’s Secret.

Martin Water was named the company’s new CEO, replacing John Mehas who had served in the role since February 2019.

Waters is set to report to Stuart Burgdoerfer, interim CEO of Victoria’s Secret and CFO of L Brands.

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Laura Miller was appointed as the new chief human resources officer of Victoria’s Secret, while Becky Behringer was promoted to executive VP of North America Store Sales and Operations; and Janie Schaffer was named as the new chief design officer.

Sarah Nash, chair of L Brands’ Board of Directors, said: “The board and I are thrilled by the appointments of these talented leaders with demonstrated records of execution.

“Martin Waters is an experienced retail executive who has led our international business for the past 12 years. He is an exceptional leader and is widely respected both within and outside of our business.”

She added: “Laura brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the role of CHRO, combined with a passion for helping people reach their full potential.

“Becky’s deep knowledge of our stores organisation and the customer will help us deliver success as we approach the Holiday season and beyond. Janie is a proven leader with a record of creating and re-positioning brands and growing profitable sales across international markets.”

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