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Zavvi tells email list they have won tickets to Champions League final

Online retailer, Zavvi has told its entire email subscriber list that they have won two tickets to the Champions League final between Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool.

Zavvi said that “technical issues” meant that all of its customers subscribed to its emails had been told they had won an all expenses paid two-night trip to the Madrid final. Whilst it is unclear exactly how many people were emailed, the Liverpool Echo has reported that hundreds of Liverpool supporters were among those contacted.

Subscribers received an email which read: “We here at Zavvi would like to wish you a huge congratulations as you have been chosen as the winner of our Mastercard competition, winning a VIP trip for two adults to attend the UEFA Champions League Final Madrid 2019.”

Those who thought they had won took to social media to express their delight in winning the tickets, before Zavvi posted a now deleted Tweet which read: “Apologies, we’re aware of the problem regarding the recent Mastercard competition. We seem to have had some technical issues and we’re currently looking into this.”

Zavvi has since posted a link to a statement which read: “You might have received an email from us this morning congratulating you on winning tickets to The UEFA Champions League Final. Unfortunately, this email was sent in error and we are very sorry.

“There is only one official winner who has been contacted separately. Please keep an eye on your inbox for further updates.”

Customers were offered a 15% off voucher in order to apologise for the error which some felt was “disappointing”. Following the notice some took to social media after supposedly already booking time off and cancelling plans.

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