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Wee Carpet Shoppe ad goes viral

A homemade advert starring a four-year-old girl promoting her grandad’s carpet store, the Wee Carpet Shoppe in Fife, Scotland, has gone viral online.

The video gained almost 35,000 views on Facebook in a few short days, and was created without the shop owner John Tallack’s knowledge.

The advert, directed by Marley Drennan’s 10-year-old sister, Colby, explains the importance of supporting local businesses on the high street. In the video, Marley said: “Maybe you are looking for a carpet. Maybe you thought about going to one of the big shops. Let me tell you why that would be a big mistake.

“We are a small family-run business. We have have the softest carpets. Fake wood. Laminate. Vinyl. Foxgrass, no problem. Service with a smile, everytime.”

She added: “My mummy told me every time you shop local, a fairy gets her wings. And everytime you shop independent, you’re helping a little girl get her ballet shoes. The Wee Carpet Shoppe, with carpets so comfy you can sleep on them. Come and visit us today.”

Tallack, told Fife Today: “The kids did that off their own back. My 10-year-old grandaughter filmed it and made up the script for the four-year-old. I wasn’t even in the shop, they came down with their mum, opened up the shop and did it on Sunday when I wasn’t here.

“At first the alarm bells rang and I thought I’d have to see it because it’s my business. But when I saw it I was like ‘oh my god, that’s really good’, because it is just publicising small businesses. It is my business, but they’re pushing the messaging of buying from independents, so fair play to them.”

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