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Shop Direct rebrands to The Very Group

Shop Direct, the digital retailer and financial services provider, has announced plans to rebrand to The Very Group, in order to bring its name and identity in line with its flagship consumer brand

The company revealed the new corporate identity, which will be unveiled later this year, will support Shop Direct’s ambition to “recruit hundreds of roles” in data and technology, and at its new fulfilment centre in the East Midlands over the next two years by drawing on Very’s “widespread brand awareness”.

The move will mark the 10 year anniversary of Very, which launched in July 2009 as a pureplay digital retailer. The brand – which it said is valued at around £1.4bn – currently has 2.82 million active customers and an average of over one million daily website visits.

Henry Birch, group CEO at Shop Direct, said: “Rebranding Shop Direct to The Very Group will be a clear marker of the next chapter in our development. The new name will bring us in line with Very in its 10th year and step change our ability to attract the world’s best talent.

“The new identity will also help to foster an even closer emotional connection between our people and our customers, which is vital as we continue to improve our proposition and deliver the best possible shopping experience.”

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