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Canada Goose revenue up 50% in 2018

Fashion retailer Canada Goose has reported a 50.2% increase in total revenue to $399.3m (£309.1m) in 2018, compared with $265.9m the previous year.

Wholesale revenue increased to $164m (£126m) from $134m (£103m), with the increase primarily attributed to higher order values from existing partners, coupled with earlier shipment timing relative to last year.

Additionally, adjusted EBITDA increased by 59.6% to $151.1m (£117m) during the year, and gross profit increased to $257.3m (199.2m), a gross margin of 64.4%, compared with $169.1m, a gross margin of 63.6%.

According to the retailer, across its business, a higher proportion of customers purchased its product earlier in the second half of fiscal 2019 relative to the same period last year, which has positively impacted its growth in the quarter.

Dani Reiss, president and CEO, said: “Fiscal 2019 is shaping up to be another year of impressive results. In our peak selling season we continued to deliver when and where it matters most, while also strengthening our foundation for future success on the global stage.

“We have successfully entered new markets, introduced new product, and increased capacity to meet growing demand in both channels. We remain deeply confident in the long runway we have ahead.”

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