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Oliver Bonas to open eight new stores in 2019

Fashion and jewellery retailer Oliver Bonas will open eight new stores in 2019, creating at least 80 new jobs as the firm enters new markets across the UK.

The company said that “despite a turbulent retail climate”, Oliver Bonas has experienced “increasing demand” for its stores in new regions across the UK, having had successful launches on high streets such as Harborne in Birmingham, Exeter and Milton Keynes.

Oliver Tress, founder and managing director, said: “Whilst trade on the high street has been challenging, [we] continues to grow. We have stuck to the core principle that makes our lifestyle offer unique: doing our little bit to make living a joyful experience.

“For us, this means best in-class customer service, a welcoming and inspiring experience in store and online and a highly curated homeware and fashion collection, all designed in house in our Oliver Bonas Studio.”

He added: “Our relationship with HSBC UK has centred around a supportive team that has recognised that the evolving retail market is opening up opportunities for vertical brands with a loyal customer base. HSBC has seen the value of the Oliver Bonas brand today – and how we are well placed to take advantage of this shift in the retail market in the UK and overseas.”

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