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Nasty Gal adverts banned over ‘unhealthily thin’ model

Three TV advertisements for online retailer Nasty Girl have been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for featuring an “unhealthily underweight” model.

The ASA’s assessment of the ads found that while the female model in the ads generally appeared to be “in proportion”, there were specific scenes which “drew attention to her slimness”.

According to the group 22 complainants who believed the model looked “unhealthily thin” challenged whether the ads were “socially irresponsible”. In response the online retailer said that the model featured in the ad was a UK size eight and that her body mass index (BMI) was within the “healthy range for an adult woman”.

A statement by group read: “The model weighed 134lbs and was 178cm tall with a BMI of 18.8, which sat well within the healthy weight and BMI range in accordance with NHS guidelines.

“Some viewers may subjectively view the model to be too slender, whilst others would recognise her to be of a healthy appearance, which was supported by the NHS guidelines.”

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