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Snapchat introduces new e-commerce feature

Photo messaging application, Snapchat has announced it is to move into e-commerce, introducing new shoppable adverts and catalogues from its advertising partners.

The application’s creators Snap Inc say they have been testing the new shoppable adverts since June with the feature available in October for all of its advertisers. New product catalogues will allow advertisers to “leverage” their existing product feeds to help scale and automate ad creation for Snapchat campaigns.

Snapchat says it will allow existing advertisers to import their own catalogues on to the system. In order to launch the new feature Snapchat has partnered with UK advertising technology agencies Miri Growth, Marketing VF and Nest Performance bringing its technology partners to over 30.

Stefan Cataldo, managing director & co-founder at Nest Performance, said: “The team at Nest Performance are proud to be one of Snapchat’s select few certified partners, it’s a very exciting channel for performance advertisers and we’ve seen some fantastic results for our gaming and e-commerce clients over the past year.

“We’re looking forward to further testing some of the platform’s new features, like commerce ads, that have been rolled out recently which will enable us to continue scaling our clients’ presence and exceed their business goals.”

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