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UK Flooring Direct continues ‘rapid’ expansion

UK Flooring Direct has opened a new warehouse and offices following the continued positive performance of the business throughout lockdown. 

The online flooring retailer announced it has moved to a 54,000 sq ft unit on Prologis Park in Coventry.

The relocation is part of the firm’s plan to see 70 of the company’s 160 staff based in the Prologis space across a range of departments including sales, customer service, distribution, finance, IT and warehouse. 

It continues to carry out operations from its headquarters in Hinckley, Leicestershire which the business moved to in 2017, however the retailer now says it requires “more space” due to an increase in staff hires. 

Despite tough trading conditions for many retailers, the company has seen sales of its products increase in recent years, even during the lockdown period.

Jason Ashby, CEO of UK Flooring Direct, said: “This is the latest step in our continuing growth story.

 “We have invested significantly in technology, people and products over recent years and that is an ongoing process to ensure we continue to innovate in the way we serve our customers all over the country.”

He added: “Our target is rapid growth as we tap into an ever-expanding demand for wood and laminate flooring, with customers welcoming our expertise and experience in this area as well as the fact that we offer convenience in delivering to their door.”

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