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New retail park specialising in ‘bulky goods’ to create 260 jobs

A new retail park in East Kilbride, Scotland specialising in “bulky goods” such as furniture, carpets, DIY, kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, beds and homeware, will create 260 jobs according to its developers.

Peel Park is set to cost developers London & Scottish Investments (LSI) £35m stretching across 125,000 sq ft. The new retail park is also set to create 90 construction jobs during its 12-month building programme.

Developers say the retail park will not have an effect on East Kilbride high street due to its niche focus, and are now looking to acquire planning permission. LSI recently saw planning permission passed for a £15m housing development on the site.

Bryan Wilson, LSI development director, said: “This is not an attack on the town centre. It is complimentary retailing that can’t go to the town centre. We aim to attract bulky goods retailers.”

Wilson added that planning restrictions would ensure the park stuck to its niche and said that the area would have “pods” for fast food outlets and local businesses with up to three employees.

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