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Selfridges open ‘Christmas Shop’ four months before the festive period

Selfridges has opened its ‘Christmas Shop’ four months before the festive period, with the department store claiming the decision was made to appease overseas visitors with whom the range is popular.

The shop is expected to be fully stocked by September with over 4,000 items, including souvenir pencils priced at £1.95 all the way up to £8,500 neon signs.

Selfridges said the ongoing success of the Christmas line’s early release contributed to record year-on-year sales.

Eleanor Gregory, Selfridges Christmas and home buyer, said: “We have so many customers visiting from all over the world, eager to snap up festive decorations and souvenirs on their London summer holidays which they can’t buy at home.

“Our summer Christmas shop launch simply addresses the growing demand for convenience Christmas shopping outside the traditional Christmas season. They include a large number of domestic customers who love to Christmas shop very early in the year to get it wrapped and taken off their to-do list.”

She added: “They also tell us that they like to be able to take their pick of the very best selection available whilst the range we offer is at its most comprehensive.”

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