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B&M appoints two female appointments to its board of directors

B&M has has appointed Carolyn Bradley and Tiffany Hall to its board of directors in non-executive roles.

B&M announced that Bradley will join the audit and risk committee and the nomination committee of the company, while Hall will join the discount retailer’s remuneration and nomination committees.

Bradley joins from a retail and consumer-focused background, having worked at Tesco for over 25 years until 2013. During that time she held a number of senior positions, including COO of, commercial director for Tesco stores, Tesco marketing director (UK) and group brand director.

Hall previously served as managing director of BUPA Home Healthcare, marketing director at BUPA, head of marketing at British Airways and also chair of airmiles and BA Holidays. She has also previously been a non-executive director of Think London.

Tiffany is currently the senior independent director and chair of the remuneration committee of Howden joinery group. She originally joined the board of Howden as a non-executive director in May 2010.

B&M also announced that Harry Brouwer will be retiring from the board with effect from 14 November 2018. Brouwer served as a non-executive director since the IPO of the company in 2014.

He has been a member of the audit & risk committee and the nomination

committee of the company since joining the board on the IPO of the company.

Peter Bamford, chairman, said: “I am delighted that both Tiffany Hall and Carolyn Bradley have agreed to join the board of B&M. Their previous roles as executives in leading consumer facing and retail sector businesses, and their plc experience also as non-executive directors, will bring additional perspectives and depth to our board while our business continues to grow at a significant rate.

“On behalf of the board I would like to thank Harry for his insight and contribution to the board and each of the committee’s on which he has served since the IPO of the Company in 2014 which have overseen continued growth for B&M and a successful transition to public company governance. We wish him well for the future.”

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