Young people believe AI will find better gifts than them

Nearly half of young people think artificial intelligence (AI) will be better than them when choosing a gift for a loved one, new research suggests.

Data gathered by digital consumer service Photobox Group, revealed 45% of young people prefer AI when it comes to finding a gift for a loved one within the next two years. Some 48% said they would trust technology to help create a personalised gift, while 13% of over-55s said they would not trust it.

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Research also showed one in 10 people relies on automated reminders to send gifts, a rise of 20% among people between 16 and 24. Also, some 31% of respondents experience anxiety trying to find the right gift for a beloved one, with 44% worried about their loved one’s preferences and 29% concerned with being swayed by their own personal preference.

Up to 36% of respondents said to feel unsure about AI in general, with AI interpreting human emotion as one of the main concerns as 16% believed tech to be able to detect emotion.  

Photobox said: “[The results] demonstrate how emotion affects gift-purchasing, the importance of real gifts and that young people are the most receptive to new retail-tech such as AI and automated reminders”.

Jody Ford, CEO of Photobox Group, said: “Technology can, and is, enhancing young people’s emotional intelligence in the shopping process. People are embracing technology to help enhance the emotional impact of the gift they’re giving.”

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