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Retail sales buoyed by England football frenzy

Retail sales during the Football World Cup tournament increased on the days that England played, according to data from a retail software company.

Vend figures showed sales grew by 6% when England played despite the 11% average decrease in retail sales compared with the previous month, throughout the tournament.

Data also revealed sales dropped by 4% after England’s exit from the World Cup and in the lead-up to the final, with 34% drop in spending on the day of the final between France and Croatia compared with the average spend across England’s game-days across the duration of the tournament.

On England’s game days, London sales grew 14%, Edinburgh 8%, however Manchester recorded the biggest spend with average retail sales increasing by 61%. The report said other cities’ sales were much lower than the national average, with Bristol -16% lower, Birmingham -50%, Glasgow -56% and Leeds -67%.

Despite lower figures, fashion and apparel retailers along with food and drink retailers increased by 24% and 7% on game days, according to figures.

Higor Torchia, country manager for Vend in EMEA, said: “There’s not doubt that people hit the streets and bars in droves over the past month. And it’s great to see how England’s games boosted retail sales as supporters celebrated – particularly as these fell on the weekdays that are usually a bit slower for retailers such as Mondays and Tuesdays.

“But the days inbetween didn’t see sales at their usual levels. Perhaps because people were taking some down-time and saving their bank balances for the next big game.”

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