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Amazon Prime Day website crash ‘costs retailer over £75m’ in sales

The website crash experienced at the start of Amazon Prime Day has cost the online retailer over £75m in potential sales, according to sales aggregator site

Amazon suffered a number of outages during the event which took place on 16 July; the Prime Day landing page was reportedly not functioning properly and a number of customers were led to an error page or back to the homepage when they clicked links. Some users also reported errors when trying to make purchases.

According to, a site that tracks outages, was down for a total of 63 minutes during the 36 hours of the worldwide sale event.

Coresight Research said that the retail giant was projected to bring in £2.6bn during the Prime Day sales. With the company making £1,203,704 in sales per minute on the day, it was calculated that the time the site was down lost Amazon £75,833,333.

The crash was not the only thing adding to Amazon’s plight as people also protested against the sale over the company’s treatment of its warehouse staff, using the hashtag #BoycottAmazon.

Multiple customers took to social media to complain about the crash, with one person on Twitter who said: “Not only can I not access prime day deals but now my whole amazon site is down. #PrimeDay”.

Another asked if it meant they would get a refund on their membership: “@amazon still haven’t been able to shop your prime day deals because of your website being down. Does that mean you’re refunding my #primemembership? #PrimeDay #PrimeDay2018 #primedayfail”

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