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Most UK consumers are happiest when shopping online

The majority of UK consumers are happiest online when completing an online purchase, a study has revealed.

Research conducted by  e-commerce martech company Rokt revealed 71% of UK consumers feel happiest when they are shopping online, with 43% consumers linking the emotion of excitement with making an online purchase.

The study, which surveyed over 4,000 consumers worldwide, said consumers are “not only the happiest, but most engaged, focused and open minded when making purchases online”.

Some 51% respondents said they were happy to see their transaction confirmed compared with the 17% who found joy in researching products.

The study also found 28% of shoppers are open to offers from the same brand, with 26% wanting to sign up to loyalty programmes and 13% expressing their interest in receiving offers from new brands.

The report also revealed UK consumers are more than five times as likely to be at their happiest when shopping online than being on social media or other digital activities, with 12% consumers feeling more frustrated when using social media than they would when shopping (2%).

CMO at Rokt, Geoff Smith, said: “Actual consumer behavior on the Rokt platform supports that users are most engaged and receptive during the transaction – across more than a billion transactions, more than a third opted into an offer from another brand.

“The engagement, focus and sentiment, providing an ideal opportunity to setup the next transaction or introduce them to a complementary third-party brand.”

Smith added: “The opportunity that presents itself for brands to engage with consumers is significantly greater when they are in a buying state of mind, than when exposed to search or social-based campaigns. This has been proven by our analytics, and confirmed by this research.”

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