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H&M to change clothes sizes following customer complaints

Fashion retailer H&M says its clothes are to become bigger after several customers complained about their small size.

One customer said on Twitter: “I remember trying on a size 12 shorts in H&M that wouldn’t even go over my knees, size 16 didn’t either. I gave up shopping there after that their sizes are ridiculous.

“It’s called ‘UK size’ for a reason, it means all clothes in UK stores should measure to that guide.”

An H&M spokesperson said the chain will be making changes in their womenswear measurements “to be in line with UK sizing”. In previous announcements, the high street chain revealed their change of a size 12 into a size 10 in measurements.

Another former customer from the Swedish chain, Rebeca Parker, criticised H&M by writing an open letter on her personal Facebook account.

She said: “Surely, in a shop in which I can buy a glittery pencil case with #GRLPOWER written on it or a t-shirt with SISTERHOOD emblazoned over the chest is the very place that should be glorifying women of every shape and size and making them feel amazing.

“How can you expect women to feel empowered if the clothes you try to sell to them do the exact opposite?”

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