Ikea reports lower than average gender pay gap

Ikea has revealed that its gender pay gap is 6.9%, which is significantly lower than the UK retail average of 16.4%.

Women who work in the distribution division of the company are paid an average of 0.9% more than their male counterparts.

That particular department makes up just under one tenth of the company’s UK operations and Ikea says that more women in distribution hold management positions.

However, only 17% of the company’s 900 distribution roles are held by women.

In the company’s retail department, male members of staff are paid 6.9% more. Ikea attributes the gap to having more of its female retail staff in part time roles.

In the report, the retailer said: “Although our pay gap is smaller than the averages for the UK and the retail industry, we know there is still work to do. Through the holistic approach across Ikea group and building on our inclusive culture and values, we are committed to finding new ways to achieve and maintain equality for every co-worker, no matter their gender, identity or background.”

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