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Topman removes shirt ‘mocking’ Hillsborough disaster

Topman has come under fire for selling a red football-style shirt that some Liverpool fans believe mocks the 1989 Hillsborough football stadium disaster, where 96 football fans died during a match.

The shirt has the number 96 on the back with the words ‘What goes around comes around’ underneath. It also has the word ‘Karma’ down the sleeve.

The retailer’s £20 top is actually based on a Bob Marley song which was released in 1996 called ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’, but many on social media asked Topman to remove the item.

Labour MP Alison McGovern tweeted: “Hi @Topman. No idea what is behind this, but it is very unfortunate. Hope you can discontinue the tshirt asap please.”

Louise Brookes, sister of Hillsborough victim Andrew Brookes also called for the top to be removed.

One Twitter user, @SibsMUFC, wrote: “That “96” jumper from Topman is absolutely shocking. I’m sure whoever designed it has no knowledge of Hillsborough but surely someone should have realised this was a terrible idea.”

Another called @joneely said: “I get that the Topman shirt is quite possibly a reference to a song BUT a large “96” the word “karma” and the phrase “what goes around” on a bloody RED shirt is unbelievably insensitive. Surely somebody realised it was bound to offend people???? [sic]”

The top is no longer available on the Topman website.

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