Waitrose cuts prices across own-label products

Waitrose has announced it is lowering the prices of over 200 of its most popular own-label products by an average of more than 15%.

The cuts follow the John Lewis Partnership’s plan that was announced last week, emphasising to customers its value for money, whilst ensuring that customers felt recognised and rewarded.

The price cuts are said to reinforce fair value and broaden the appeal to more customers through recognising that shoppers are especially “cost conscious” at the moment.

The price cuts will apply across a range of everyday items, from meat to fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as cleaning products. Around half the prices being reduced will be from the essential Waitrose range.

James Bailey, executive director at Waitrose, said: “This year has been incredibly challenging for consumers and we know times are tough for many, so we’re reducing prices to provide our customers with great value on the items they buy most.

“Despite offering lower prices we’re maintaining the quality, high welfare and ethical sourcing that we’re renowned for, so shoppers can spend less without compromising on what they value.”

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