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South Yorkshire to enter Tier three

South Yorkshire will be placed into the ‘very high’ alert level of Covid lockdown measures from Saturday (24 October), according to a statement by Dan Jarvis, Mayor of the Sheffield City Region.

Pubs and restaurants must close unless they are serving substantial meals, while mixing with different households is forbidden in most places.

The region will receive £41m of funding “following extensive discussions” between local council leaders and Government ministers. This will include £31m to support the region’s businesses and £11m intended to aid public health measures.

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Jarvis said he called for any tougher measures to “be introduced alongside resources” so as to “limit some of the damage on jobs and businesses”.

Covid related admissions to hospitals in South Yorkshire have doubled over the last ten days, causing Jarvis to add that “while infection rates vary across South Yorkshire, collective action was the only practical choice to keep everyone in our region safe.”

The news follows the announcement that Greater Manchester will also be placed into Tier three, despite the objections of its local leaders. 

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