13% of retail staff imagine killing their boss

The retail industry has the unhappiest staff, according to a survey conducted by business service company Expert Market and independent survey provider Vivatic.

Of the 2,222 respondents asked, the survey found that 13% of retail staff have imagined killing their boss, while 30% of those in the retail sector claimed to hate their job.

Construction workers came in second, with 27% saying they hated their place of work followed by 25% of public sector workers.

The survey, which questioned staff from various industries, found that overall 22% of respondents hated their boss. One in five admitted to disliking their job, with 52% of those citing their manager as the main reason for their dissatisfaction.

Some 44% of the survey’s respondents also claimed that their boss had set them unachievable tasks while one in five estimated that they worked four to six hours extra per week unpaid.

Furthermore, 39% of people said their boss has had negatively impacted their mental or physical health and 45% described their boss as a ‘control freak’.

Industry % of people who imagine killing boss
Construction 22%
Media and Communications 15%
Science and Tech 14%
Arts and Entertainment 13%
Retail 13%
Finance 12%
Transport 11%
Education 11%
Public Sector 11%
Energy 9%
Administrative 7%
Health and Social Workers 7%
Hospitality and Leisure 7%

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