HMRC report names retail gender-pay-gap culprits

An HMRC report listing gender pay figures for period 2016-17 has revealed the names of 39 companies in the retail and wholesale trades which it says failed to pay female workers the same rate as men in equivalent roles.

Among the firms studied, on average women were being underpaid by at least 10-30%. Firms with the largest wage gap include:

  • Phase Eight, clothing store, 64.8% lower
  • Rectella, curtain and bedding store, 54.2% lower
  • Capital Hair and Beauty, hairdressing and beauty salon supplier, 40.4% lower.

Of the 46 named companies only seven had equal or higher pay for female workers.

A tweet by Women’s Equality UK said: “Transparency – while welcome – is not enough to close the gender pay gap. Action is needed to address the imbalance of power that underlies the problem, and to make sure women and men’s work is valued equally.”


Legislation introduced in April 2017 requires all firms with over 250 employees to publish their gender pay gap figures online and on the HMRC website by April 2018.

A full list of the 530 named companies can be found here:

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