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Majority of UK consumers change their shopping habits during lockdown

A study by online market vendor Capterra has revealed how consumers’ shopping habits have changed since the start of Covid-19

The study, which was conducted at the end of the summer, revealed that 62% of shoppers felt that their retail habits have been altered as a result of UK self-isolation laws. Some 95% of respondents admitted to have also turned to online shopping this year. 

In the period before the pandemic, 37% of respondents would make purchases online around one to two times a month, and 29% would have averaged three to five times a month. 

When looking at the items customers were purchasing online for the first time, 17% of people surveyed bought clothes and 14% ordered food.

While the research clearly highlighted that shoppers are moving to a more online space to meet their consumer needs, it also revealed that 53% of people still favor in-person shopping. 

A statement by Capterra read: “When asked for the reasons for choosing shopping at a physical shop as opposed to an online one, the main two reasons are because they prefer the shopping experience (e.g., to touch the garment and to be able to try it) and also because it allows them to have the product immediately  and not having to wait for it.”

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