Iceland creates 3,000 jobs to meet online demand

Iceland has created 3,000 new jobs to cope with the extra demand for online shopping deliveries since the beginning of lockdown, according to the company.

The supermarket chain has increased the number of delivery drivers and in-store staff for picking online orders in recent months.

Online delivery orders have soared by 300% since April and Iceland estimates it now has the ability to handle up to 750,000 orders per week.

A trial delivery service through Uber Eats has been launched in London, with plans for a rollout across the country if successful.

The company’s delivery fleet has grown by 30% as part of the new service, with a trial in Hackney allowing customers to place and receive orders in 20 minutes through Uber Eats.

David Devany, chief customer and digital officer at Iceland, said: ‘‘We’ve been blown away by the demand for deliveries over the past six months with a four-fold increase in online orders since the beginning of lockdown.

‘‘We see no sign of a slowdown in the demand for deliveries in the run up to Christmas, so a recruitment drive for more permanent staff was essential.” 

He added: “Our store and delivery colleagues have gone above and beyond during lockdown introducing incredible measures to help their local communities, and I’m proud that our business has been able to adapt to the changing needs of our customer.’’

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